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We are looking for several qualified and talented individuals to join us in the role of Pharmacovigilance Specialist. We are very flexible regarding your location – you can work in any of our offices located in Prague (Czech Republic), Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) or Guildford (UK). The position is suitable for fresh graduates - we can teach you all pharmacovigilance activities & processes thanks to our intensive internal & external training.
We need somebody who has:
• A minimum secondary education in pharmacology, healthcare or life science
• Native speaker of Finnish/Swedish/Danish or Norwegian language
• Practical experience in pharmacovigilance is an advantage, but not a must
• Advanced knowledge of English
More information about the position at: https://www.pharminvent.com/nordic-pharmacovigilance-specialist/


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Työ alkaa aikaisintaan: 10-12-2017
Työ alkaa viimeistään: 10-12-2017
Työsuhde päättyy aikaisintaan: 10-12-2017
Työsuhde päättyy viimeistään: 10-12-2017