Kopo-info 4.11.2019

The autumn of the education policy officer has been full of co-operation with the staff of Sopo and the department, and now that the snow has settled on the ground, it is also time to tell what has been achieved in the autumn.

Teaching Day was held this year on October 3rd. and its theme was assessment as well as student well-being. The topics were talked about a lot and a good discussion was achieved during the great lectures, during the coffee break and in the afternoon working groups. Such events are the few where students and department staff naturally get to discuss issues and share their own views on issues related to studying. What was most surprising was that there is a lot left between staff and students about things that both “groups” experience differently and how much they both benefit from the discussion in the end. So if there is something to worry about next year, then it is not worth fearing the discussion but coming to ask the sides and otherwise why things are being done the way they are being done and whether something could be done better.

Freshmen have started their studies according to the new pharmaceutical phase, and although I have an idea of ​​what the new study plan entails in the second year course, I have already had a bit of a drift from the carts of the most special course names. So for freshmen, trick with the new courses and ten points for all those who give course feedback on these new courses.

Last weekend, Fortis’ XLVI annual celebrations were celebrated, which also awarded the Director of the Year from the Department of Pharmacy. The Instructor of the Year is an annual award given to the person who supervised the thesis and selected on the basis of a vote. Probably one of the best days in Kopo to date, when the award was presented to a person who had been voted on by all his students!